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Coca-Cola likes to mix things up, usually by raising artificial flavors in their products to new and creative heights.

You may remember Vanilla Coke. There is also Cherry Coke and the one with lemon flavor that tasted like a combination of coke and cough drops.

Now, for those who like to try new things from the safety of your comfort zone, Coke has brought out Orange Vanilla Coke, designed to taste like that childhood treatment, the Creamsicle.

Here is Mashable:

The taste of your Creamsicle past will be available in the United States from February 25, but it is Orange Vanilla, at this moment, kept out of reach of Time's evil gripe, has not stopped shower fans from speculating on the pure possibilities offered by the new flavor.

There is no news about when it becomes available in SA. Here's the pigeon if you want to look for it:

Just remember – it can say zero sugar, but it's still full of things that aren't ideal.

People on social media seem happy for the new taste. I'm worried about people who get excited about new soda varieties.

Other people believe that the combination will be disgusting. Personally, I believe that all Coke is disgusting, so I have to agree with the latter, in principle.

The big question here is why, oh why, make a soda that tastes like a Creamsicle?

Here is Coca-Cola brand director Kate Carpenter with the answer:

"We wanted to get back positive memories of carefree summer days," she quoted in the said press release explaining. "Therefore, we leaned in the orange-vanilla flavor combination – reminiscent of the creamy orange popsicles we grew up lovingly, but in a classic Coke way."

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Hey, if that makes you happy …


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