Alibaba is supposedly the power behind beating Chinese propaganda app

The app, which includes short videos, government news and quizzes, was created by an Alibaba team. A user of Alibaba's own messaging app DingTalk can use their login information to log in to Xuexi Qiangguo. Alibaba said the app was built using DingTalk's software.

The staff of the Alibaba unit is responsible for developing and maintaining the app containing news, videos, live streaming and social commentaries, according to the sources and a job announced for Xuexi Qiangguo on the Alibaba career website.

The device does not have a website, but is described in job ads on popular Chinese career area as a strategic level project that is in an establishment stage and offers many job opportunities.

At least Part of the app's unknown popularity can be attributed to directives issued by local authorities and universities that require people in China's expansive party members network to download the app.

The app has been downloaded over 43.7 million times on Apple and Android devices since its launch in January, according to estimates from Beijing-based statistical consulting firm Qimai.

It wasn't immediately clear whether Alibaba is making money from the app or who started its development.

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