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Alabama Auto Dealer gives away weapons, bibles and flags for every vehicle sold

A car dealer in Alabama has promised to give away a 12-gauge shotgun, a US flag and a Bible for the purchase of new or used vehicles at the party at the end of July.

Social media feed from Chatom Ford says it celebrates America's independence by offering these gifts in exchange for buying a vehicle. A valid ID and background will be required, though.

"Hi all this is Koby Palmer with Chatom Ford in Chatom, Alabama," said Palmer on the Facebook video. "I just want to reach out to everyone in the area and let you know that we are celebrating July 4 a little differently this year.

" Between now and the end of July, everyone who comes into our dealership and buys a new one, pre-owned or certified, pre-owned car, truck or SUV, they should not only get the great deals and service we offer here, they also get a bible, an American flag and, also a 1

2-gauge shotgun. "

  Alabama Car Dealer Gun Bible Flag
Koby Palmer of Chatom Ford in Alabama has promised a 12-gauge shot gun, a bible and a US flag for each car purchased through the end of July.
Photo screenshot from Chatom Ford Facebook with permission

Palmer placed a bible on top of the tailgate of a truck that has an American flag draped over the tailgate, reaching the shotgun and pulling the slider back and forth as if he seemed to the chamber gun so it was ready for fire

Palmer told Newsweek on Tuesday, the campaign is not meant to make any political statements

"We do not want anyone to get the wrong idea. It's not as if we just go around and give out weapons, "Palmer said.

He said the management and sales staff came up with the idea based on the values ​​of their communities.

" We talked about what our society is about, and what they stand for, "said Palmer Newsweek ." It's a safe society. They are very proud of their country and almost everyone likes to hunt. "

That's how it works. When someone buys a vehicle, they get their New King James Version Bible and American flags at the dealer. Palmer said the dealer is affiliated with Firearms Federation in both Mississippi and Alabama, so the new car owner will get a certificate to take to get the gun affiliate, who performs the background check, and if and when the background check comes in, they get a Hatfield 12-gauge pump gun.

"Let's say someone wants a smaller gun, so they can get a 20 meter if they want," Palmer said

Palmer said the campaign is not forced on anyone and that if no one wants any of them campaign posts, that there is no problem.

Chatom, a city of 1,211, is located in the far west of the state, 12 miles from the Mississippi State Line and one hour north of Mobile.

The dealer released the Facebook video Friday, June 21, and Palmer said back The contribution he has received so far has been positive.

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