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Airbnb will verify all listings in the name of security

The company had already promised close review of high-risk rentals, such as people renting giant homes when living in the area. The Halloween shooting happened on a property that was apparently rented for a family reunion, but was really used to host a party of more than 100 guests.

To back up the review process, Airbnb will also implement a "guest guarantee" if your rental does not match the description. You will either get an option worth at least as much as what you paid, or if not available, a full refund.

As with the policy changes that were uncovered in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, there is a degree of damage control involved. Airbnb does not want customers who should be of the opinion that violence or fraud is relatively common. This can eradicate misleading entries that would otherwise not be noticed. If there is concern, it is whether there will be ongoing reviews or not. Homeowners and rentals change, and a one-time review may not help if new shady rentals are reported.

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