After her KIA is stolen, recovered and repaired, a victim gets KIA to reimburse her deductible

ROCHESTER, NY – Nearly 800 people in the city of Rochester have had their KIA or Hyundai stolen this year. One of the victims called KIA and continued to pester them for a refund of what it cost her. And this week the KIA check came in the mail.

On top of the car thefts in February, Renee Hulett’s KIA was stolen from the apartment parking lot near East High.

The police found it, her dealer fixed it, and Hulett paid the $500 deductible. After some initial rejections, Hulett submitted all the paperwork and evidence, and a month later KIA wrote her a check for $500.

“I felt like my voice was heard because I was angry, because why should I, even though I have insurance, it̵[ads1]7;s not my fault,” she said. “KIA is aware of what’s going on and I feel it’s up to them to make it right.”

Brian: “Who told you you could get a check here?”
Renee Hulett: “A Matthews KIA Repairman.”
Brian: “So the dealer told you about this.”
Hulett: “Yes.”

Both KIA and Hyundai told me that they can cover their own costs on a “case by case” basis. On Monday, Mayor Malik Evans said the city is joining eight other cities in a lawsuit against both automakers.

“How was the whole experience of having your car stolen?” I asked Hulett. “And what did that do to you?”

“I felt offended because I don’t bother anyone. I work every day. This is how I get to and from work and sometimes my window to get from one job to another twice a week is only 30 minutes,” she said. “So I don’t have time not to have a car or wait for a ride. I need my car to get to work.”

For months after she got her repaired KIA back, Hulett said she would constantly worry about her car and check it through the window day and night.

Brian: “This was eating away at your life.”
Hulett: “It was. It was very demanding and I don’t know about anyone else, but I just had to get rid of it because I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Hulett says she eventually turned in the KIA for another brand.

Here are the documents Hulett needed:

– police report

– insurance

– the repair estimate

– proof that she paid the deductible.

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