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After a successful pilot, Burger King calls out the impossible Whopper Nationwide

May 1, 2019

by Kyle Field

Burger King announced that it plans to roll Impossible Whopper out to all its stores nationwide after a pilot in their locations in the St. Louis area "went very well ", according to a representative of the chain's parent company. Burger King found that meat-free patties were added to the menu which was translated into incremental sales for their locations, meaning more customers and more profit.

What is particularly exciting with the roll-out of the Impossible Burger at all Burger Kings places is that the company does so in great fashion, with its iconic Whopper. It is not an afterthought or a substitution, but an optional configuration of the flagship burger.

For impossible foods, the rollout of his patty to the rest of Burger King's US locations is a validation that the product is truly amazing (we told you that!) And that it really is mass market squabbling for it. The video announcing the pilot at Burger King's St. Louis sites was completely fun and shows people's reactions to being tricked into eating an impossible Whopper.

I may or may not have been trolling Burger King and impossible foods to expand beyond the pilot on Twitter, as the impossible burgers are not easy to find. Zachary Shahan, Chanan Bos, and I indulged in impossible burgers for our first meal when we met up before our trip to Tesla Fremont Factory and we were all impressed. Chanan was so over the moon that he ordered another and gobbled it as well.

The 100% vegetarian burger patties bring all the taste, texture and experience to a beef burger, but without the steak. Impossible Burgers are becoming increasingly common as regular restaurant chains recognize the quality of the product and its ability to entice not only vegetarians, but the families of vegetarians and vegans who would not otherwise visit their establishments due to lack of alternatives.

Personally, this is a great one, as our family has favorite places to eat, and they sit at the top of the list, not just because they make good vegetarian food (for me). They have become our favorite haunts because they have a number of delicious options, with the ability to use tofu, meat-free patties, extra vegetables and the like without having to.

The nationwide expansion of Impossible Whopper at Burger King will take place by the end of 2019. You can track the rollout and start wasting the opportunity of a delicious vegetarian burger over at Impossible Foods Burger King locator today.

Source: CNN, impossible with

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