A week defined by trade negotiations and employment

Dollar General: Cramer expected a strong revenue report from Dollar General, which will be quarterly results Tuesday morning.

"The best part of retail this week was the shopping center basement operations: Ollies, TJX and Burlington Stores Dollar General fit the bill," he says. "I see an upside surprise coming."

Autozone: Auto Parts Dealer Autozone will also Reporting earnings. Cramer is a fan of the company's stock acquisition program, as he said was so good reason to buy Autozone stock after the report.

"Although the company delivers a bit of numbers, just a slight glide, it's usually a great opportunity to buy, "he said." Today, people are holding their cars longer and longer, meaning they need more maintenance and spare parts, a real blessing for all these … auto parts. "

HD Supply: HD Supplys earnings will provide Cramer a sense of how small businesses are rushing in this country because the company provides industrial services to about 500,000 minor-scale professional customers.

"It's all part of the pastiche that I like to put the same n to take the real economy temperature, "he said.

Tollbrothers: Homebuilder Toll Brothers will add that pastiche. Cramer expects the company's earnings report to tell about both strength and weakness.

"Remember, I do not say that the economy is generally weak, I say it is weaker than it has been, and one of the reasons is the slow housing market," he explained. "I bet Toll confirms my view, especially on the coast."

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