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With Elon Musk who often said that Tesla cars are the only cars to improve after they leave the party, Tesla a few days ago rolled out a software update with lots of new and exciting features. In fact, in a blog post, Tesla boasts that software version 10.0 represents the largest software update the company has ever released.

While many of the new features appear to be entertainment-oriented – with new Karaoke and Arcade modes as two good examples – the software update also includes a Smart Summon feature. As the name suggests, Smart Summon allows Tesla owners to call their vehicles in parking lots. In short, instead of going to your car, Smart Summon will get the car for you.

Tesla's description of the feature reads in part:

It's the perfect feature to use if you have a crowded shopping cart, tackle a fussy child, or just don't want to go to the car through the rain. Customers who have had early access to Smart Summon have told us that it provides both the convenience of their trips and gives them a unique moment of pleasure when their car picks them up to begin the journey.

It all sounds cool and simple, but in a scenario that should come as no surprise to anyone, Tesla owners quickly began testing the feature in ways that are simply idiotic. If any of this sounds familiar, it's because we saw something similar when Tesla first turned the switch on the Autopilot feature, and some Tesla owners decided it might be fun to literally sit in the back seat when their car was driving down a busy road .

Also, some owners find that the feature doesn't exactly work as intended as there have already been some collisions as shown in the video below.

This video shows a close collision that a Tesla owner curiously attempted to call his car from one parking lot to another.

Meanwhile, another Tesla owner sustained some damage to an empty driveway, of all places.

And of course, because Tesla owners are a special breed, this owner tried to run his own test to see if a Tesla in Smart Summon mode would stop for a pedestrian. Thus his Tesla almost ran over his foot.

All this begs the question: Is Smart Summon even necessary? Is it very difficult to walk to the car in a parking lot? Truth be told, and as others on Twitter have pointed out, it's fair to say that the only use case where Smart Summon is really needed is when the weather is really limiting, as illustrated below.

All that said, there are of course a handful of videos that show that the Smart Summon feature works as designed, albeit under conditions where going to a parked car would be perfectly possible.

[19659002] By the way, Musk a few days ago said that "Summon is improving rapidly."

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