A scene from the Titanic: Carnival cruise ship fears passengers after letting one side

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Cruise ship Carnival Triumph is moored at a brew in Mobile, Alabama, Friday 15th. February 2013. The ship, which docked on Thursday in Mobile after driving almost powerless in the Gulf of Mexico for five days, was moved Friday from the cruise terminal to a repair facility. The ship with more than 4,200 passengers and crew members had been idled for almost a week in the Gulf of Mexico after a engine fire.

SALT LAKE CITY ̵[ads1]1; A carnival cruise ship frightened passengers Sunday evening after tilted to one side, CBS News reports.

What happened: A carnival cruise ship tilted to one side, and sent passengers' assets pushing through the cabin. Panic ignites among passengers, also CBS New York reports.

  • The ship just springed a few hours after it left Port Canaveral, Florida, for the Caribbean.
  • Cruise line said a "technical problem" caused the rocky beginning of Carnival Sunshine experienced a technical problem that caused the ship to be listed in about a minute on Sunday evening, "said Carnival in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.
  • The ship began to tip around at 8:15 to

Passengers take: For those traveling on the ship, the journey was anything but calm.

  • "I shifted and fell out of my chair," said passenger Kyla Williams. "This was very much the ship rolling to one side and everything fell down from it and that's something you'll never forget."
  • "I did not think about it since it's not uncommon for ships to rock out and back. But it did not go back. It continued to lean, said passenger David Crews, according to CBS Orlando. "Plates and silverware began to slide off the tables, so the tables began to slide. Glasses and plates began to fall and crush." ​​At this point, it was pure chaos. "Scream. Cries. Panic."
  • "We were actually at the table where the window broke and the water came in, "said a passenger WFTV. She added, "The next thing we know, the whole boat tipped … we were literally hanging on for our life, dangling … it was really like a scene from Titanic."

Others tweeted their reactions: [19659013] My sister and brother-in-law are on the ship. She cut her foot on the broken glass and had to get masks Mom is a mess and so worried about her!

– Whitney Farrar (@whit_farrar) 29 October 2018

Refreshment: Here are pictures of the aftermath from when the ship was leaning. 19659016] 1
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  • Day after the incident, the captain sent a letter to the passengers, Yahoo reported.
  • "We have found that a failure in electrical power stations influenced the use of the fine stabilizers," the letter is read. "It is important to note that fine stabilizers are not a safety feature, they are exclusively exclusively for guest comfort to minimize any vessel movement while You are at sea. There was never a problem with the safe operation of the ship, and our officers quickly intervene to correct the situation. "

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