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A quarter of the jobs are at "high risk" of being automated – TechCrunch

No one will be completely safe from automation in the future, but according to a new study from the Brookings Institute, about 25 percent of US jobs are at "high risk". There is a strong part of the foreclosure on a labor market that has not yet fully rebounded.

Roles in transport, food preparation, manufacturing and office management are among the highest risks, with robotics and artificial intelligence threatening to automate near 70 percent of tasks, the study said. Activities that involve treatment, data collection and physical labor are surprisingly the most vulnerable here.

Automation is expected to be of great importance in some regions of the country, and among less educated workers. Likewise, it expects to affect different segments of the population in different ways.

"Youth and less-educated workers, along with under-represented groups, all seem to face significantly more acute challenges from automation in the coming years," the study said. "Young workers and Hispanics will be particularly vulnerable."

There seems to be some inevitability in all this. And surely we've seen versions of this scenario played out decades afterwards. But local governments and industries can help boost impact, by educating and developing existing workers, says Brookings.

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