A new Pokémon game is on its way from the studio behind Call of Duty Mobile


The Pokémon company joins the Chinese giant Tencent's Timi Studio group to trigger yet another game for the series. It's confirmed.

No specific game details have been shared yet, although Timi Studios history suggests that it may be another title developed for mobile platforms, and join several other Pokémon games that have been revealed in recent months. The company is currently working on the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile which surprisingly plans to bring the key elements of the shooter franchise to smartphones.


Tenent's relationship with Nintendo has blossomed as late, with the company forming a Nintendo Cooperation Department and getting to distribute Switch Consoles in China.

Of course, we will make sure to update you with additional news about this game when and when it comes.

What do you hope it can be? Share your wildest dreams in the comments below.

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