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A correction of 5% to 10% is important for this stock market, warns Jefferie's strategist

Are we approaching a point where we finally see how much juice is left in this stock market from a trade agreement announcement?

A report that US and Chinese dealers are hard at work over "several memorandums of understanding" for a big deal gave stock futures a nice bump late Wednesday. But these gains were faded to the Thursday session, which questioned whether the market finally ran out of patience over the seemingly endless talks between Beijing and the United States

Another valid question is how do we even know which stocks have "priced in" that front? Two financial bloggers, Reformed Broker's Josh Brown and Irrelevant Investors Michael Batnick settled on that topic in a recent video chat. They concluded that investors would be wise not to make any assumptions as to whether a market has fully absorbed trade agreements, corporate new ones, etc.

"I think it's probably the commentary on what's happening in the market, Batnick says." As if you know the odds … you don't know. You find out after that fact. "

We also believe that the Fed will not get in the way of more stock gains. As the Real Heiseinberg blog is briefly summarized, it is more or less a" what-else-do-you-will-from-them- scenario. "

As gravity-defying as this after Christmas jumps, the bulls have a plus in their corner: The so-called AD line (advancer / decliner) is on a full-time high ̵

1; more stocks rising than falling – meaning that you can waste dark thoughts about an equity stop. Currently,

That doesn't mean it shouldn't happen, says our daycare from Steven DeSanctis, strategy strategy at Jefferies telling MarketWatch that he doesn't do it not "sustainable momentum" in up and up action for stocks say the beginning of the year.

"Consolidation, a withdrawal is absolutely necessary," said DeSanctis in a telephone interview on Wednesday. For example, he notes Russell 2000

RUT, + 0.46%

is up 16.5% since the beginning of the year, the third best start of data dating back to 1979.

"When you see a big spike up, it is generally faced with a downtick, a correction of 5% to 10% will be welcome, and it would be justified, says the strategist, adding that there are many who can pull that correction trigger – a decline in China, Europe or the US, lower earnings estimates, valuations withdraw.

The last point is a big reason why he wants to see some foam coming out of the market. S & P 500 companies are currently trading close to 19.8 times ahead, He compares to 20 times in August and 16 times at the end of 2018. Seeing that the level of dip to 17 times would make the shares look much more attractive right now, he says.

Still DeSanctis claims that the withdrawal seen late last year was unjustified "because we don't see the economy here in the US going into low business cycle ", adding that their" happy-lucky "American economist has just penciled into a modest GDP reduction for 2020 versus 2019. Sensational results from Walmart

WMT, -2.27%

this week has just gone further to calm their concerns about the economy, he said.

It brings us to the shares he likes right now. "I want to say that my favorite sector is consumer discretionary and retailers. The argument here is that the economy will grow from that consumer's side of things," he said, noting that the fact that people have jobs and make more money is arguments against a brewing session .

"The general trend has been very good for consumers," said DeSanctis, adding that "what the companies say together is the consumer in good shape."

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The Market


YMH9, -0.11%

S & P 500

ESH9, -0.14%

and Nasdaq

NQH9, -0.08%

futures are lined up. Wednesday's session showed modest gains for Dow

DJIA, + 0.24%

and S & P 500

SPX, + 0.18%

while Nasdaq

COMP, + 0.03%

managed only their eighth straight winning session.


DXY, -0.07%

is up, along with crude oil


but gold


is pitching lower.

Asia shares saw a mixed day, with a modest growth for the Shanghai Composite

SHCOMP, -0.34%

while Europe shares

SXXP, -0.27%

is mostly

The chart

"If I owned it, I would sell everything. I don't even bounce. You can't just hurt Zion Williamson on National TV and don't go through a long and severe recession. "it was David" El Presidente "Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports on the big headache that broke out for Nike

NKE, + 0.32%

late Wednesday.

Today, most of them have seen the pictures and videos of Duke ahead, Zion Williamson, who has been suffering from his Nike

NKE, + 0.32%

shoe fell apart, causing an injury to the knee of the upper NBA. Here he hopes he won't take too long. As far as Nike is concerned, it already looks in the premarket:

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CAR, -0.57%

zoom ahead after beating forecasts. Hormel

HRL, -0.39%

and Domino's

DPZ, -0.27%

will report in front of the open, with Kraft Heinz

KHC, + 1.03%

Hewlett Packard Enterprises

HPE, -0.25%


ROKU, + 0.79%

and Dropbox

DBX, -1.92%

comes after the clock.

See J & J

JNJ, + 0.49%

claiming it has been appealed by the US Justice Department and SEC for the safety of baby powder and talc products.


AAPL, + 0.64%

and Goldman

GS, -0.04%

develops a new credit card that will offer extra personal finance features on the iPhone Wallet app, sources say.

China sells drones to American allies as soon as possible.

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Busy day for data, with weekly unemployed claims, recurring durable goods, and Philly Fed survey before open . Markit manufacturing and services PMI, along with existing home sales and leading economic indicators will follow.

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