A beloved mailman just retired – and his whole neighborhood turned out to say goodbye

ATLANTA – Floyd Martin's last day at work was anything but ordinary. The Atlanta man retired on Wednesday after working for nearly 35 years as a postal operator.

People in a neighborhood in Atlanta, where he delivered mail all these years, wanted to send him out of style while working his route for the last time. [19659002] When his mail car moved through the area, neighbor gave him hugs and gifts. They decorated their mailboxes in honor and stood for pictures with him. They invited him to come back in the fall to be a celebrity judge in the neighborhood's Halloween parade.

His daily farewell became a veritable fast food and attracted to over 300 people. The neighbors brought covered dishes, according to neighbor (and Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter) Jennifer Brett. She followed him on his last day and wrote the highlights of Twitter


"Floyd is a tall, slim, very fit 61. His job involves a lot of walking, which keeps him in good shape. But he has finished the heat," wrote Brett in a tweet. "In the summer, the postal car is basically a rolling furnace. In the summer, Floyd decided he would be his last."

A neighbor, Lorraine Wascher, said Martin "always had a smile" and a wave for her.

Another noted that he fed the cats in the neighborhood and kept Milk-Bone treats in the truck of dogs.

A girl admired Martin so much that she dressed as a post boat for the school's career day.

Martin had opportunities to change jobs during the three decades he worked for the US postal service, but he just couldn't share with the neighborhood.

"It's been a wonderful day with my friends," Martin Brett told. "I could have left them a long time ago, but I didn't want to because I love them. And the relationship (with the neighborhood) – I couldn't leave it. I could have had a simpler route, but I wouldn't do it." [19659002] Although Martin is now officially retired, his neighbors have another thing to do for him to show his gratitude, mentioning that he wanted to go to Hawaii, so neighbors started a GoFundMe campaign to send him to Aloha. The state for its dream vacation.

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