7 times Tesla's stock has taken a nosedive

When Goldman Sachs talks, investors list.

Goldman analyst Patrick Archambault, who covers Tesla, reports with a price target on the stock of $ 84, with 34 percent discount on the prior day close of $ 127.26. Archambault had come up with three scenarios for the company, based on how many cars it would sell, market share and operating margin. The bull case for the stock had the company reaching 3.5 percent global market share in two categories and 15.2 percent operating margin, but even more than just worth $ 113 a share.

More than five years later, Tesla's operating margin is just a little over 6 percent, but the stock has soared nonetheless. The investor quickly found the buying opportunity after the sale from the Goldman report, pushing the stock up 1[ads1]0 percent the next day.

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