6 things NOT to buy during Memorial Day sales

Memorial Day is the new Black Friday – but that doesn't mean it's the best time to buy everything.

Originally a holiday devoted to mattresses, retailers in recent years have morphed the holiday weekend into a major sales weekend marking the halfway point to black Friday. Consequently, there are many good deals to have had during this upcoming three-day weekend (and in the following week). "Memorial Day sales represent the closest we will be looking for" overboard "discounts for the holidays, says Brent Shelton, an online shopping expert.

But unsuspecting buyers can get duped by the stores that advertise deals that are actually too good to be True, here are some of the products that consumers should avoid buying during Memorial Day weekend.


The best time to buy is usually between July and October, as retailers seem to be accommodating newer models , according to, holidays are decent times to get offers, but … the best time to get offers is when new products come in and old products go out, says Justin Cupler, savings expert with The Points Hound. One can often find better savings during the fourth of July and sales day sales events.

But that does not mean that consumers should avoid any car related. dealers are aiming to invest in families and get ready for summer holidays, Shelton says.


The electronics that are for sale in Memorial Day weekend will not necessarily be creamy by the crop, Shelton said. "There's going to be some sales, but it's going to be on older, slower machines," he said. Consumers in the market for a new Macbook

AAPL, -0.38%

for example, would be better to wait until later this summer for feedback. Good deals on electronics can also be found on Black Friday, for those who are willing to wait longer for the best savings.

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As with laptops, some TVs will go on sale during Memorial Day, but these tend to be older models with fewer bells and whistles. Many good deals on televisions usually come around Black Friday – there were 139 different TV sales reported by the deal to deal on the Deal News website in the last two weeks of November alone. January is also a good time to buy, as retailers will clear shelves to accommodate newer models. But according to Deal News, prices for TV always go down while newer models with more advanced features are still on the market.

Clothing and Swimwear

Retailers can advertise between 20% and 40% of clothing during Memorial Day weekend, but these sales are nothing to call home, says private finance expert Jen Smith. "This is regular sales seen throughout the year," Smith said. "Consumers don't have to put on their clothes this weekend, because these same sales will reappear."

In addition, retailers like Nordstrom

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Dillard s

DDS, + 0.53%

and Victoria's Secret

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has biannual or annual sales that thrash their offers on Memorial Day.

When it comes to swimwear and other summer-specific clothing, consumers are better off waiting later in the summer to score the best deals, Sara Skirboll said, shopping and trends expert at RetailMeNot. "Shoppers are most likely to find the deepest savings towards the middle to the end of the summer when the stores are releasing their defeat and need to clear the shelves," she said.


Consumers do not have to wait long to get the best deals on power tools, since Father's Day is generally the best time of year to buy these products. "Although some utility deals in May provide good savings, especially for outdoor power equipment, wait until June, or right after Memorial Day sales, for a better over-all range of savings options that can compete with Black Friday tools deals," Shelton said.

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This time of year, diamonds are not the wallet's best friend. "For buyers who want to get a deal on jewelry, the best time to buy is right after Valentine's Day, when dealers put a lot of their goods into storage," Cupler said. Price reductions on rings and necklaces will also grow in late summer, as this is usually one of the slowest times of the year for goldsmiths, according to CreditDonkey.

This story was updated May 23, 2019.

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