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6 Common Misconceptions Malaysians need to stop believing in smoking

A study conducted by the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) in 2016 showed that nearly five million Malaysians smoke while 7.6 million adults are exposed to spent smoke Odds are at least one of your family members or colleagues Smoke too, and while we all know that smoking is bad and is one of the main causes of lung cancer in Malaysia, how much do we really know? Well, whether you are a smoker or not, here are some very common misconceptions to notice:

1. Smoking only once in time is okay

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Too many malaysians, especially those who just smoke during "special occasions "as parties or events (also social smokers), they often think it will not affect health. " Although it does, not much lah."

Unfortunately, you couldn't be more wrong. Studies have found that smoking only one cigarette a day can increase the chances of dying from a heart attack three times, while the chances of dying from lung cancer are increased by three to five times. Overall, the risk of death from any cause is increased by 57% compared to those who do not smoke. OMG

Although smoking is only a cigarette a day, or a week, is much better than those who smoke a whole pack every day, this does not mean that you are safe from the health risk of smoking .

2. Roll-your-own tobacco is much better and "healthier" than finished

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First and foremost is not like that a "healthier" alternative when it comes to smoking. Secondly, own tobacco actually contains much more additives than finished cigarettes. One of the many reasons is that roll-self cigarettes require more humectants to prevent it from drying out too quickly.

When a New Zealand tobacco company was asked to report the amount of additives used, it was found that their factory-made cigarettes had only 0.2% of the total tobacco additives while the rollers had 22.5%. That's a big difference! This means that every lungy smoke you inhale from your rolled cigarette will contain several gases and particles from the thermal partial decomposition of chemical additives in the tobacco blend as well. [19659002]

3. Use of nicotine replacement products such as nicotine or stain is as bad as smoking cigarettes

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<p>  Most of the damage that comes from smoking is actually caused by the burning process which releases [carcinogens] such as </strong> <strong>  and carbon monoxide in the lungs. </strong> However, nicotine replacement products do not have such harmful substances. </p>
<p>  In addition, although replacement products contain nicotine and can be used / taken "when necessary", it has been found that nicotine from these products has much less side effects and is delivered to the body at a much lower and slower rate. , </strong> compared to smoking. </p>

<p> <span style= 4. After the smell of my cigarette (aka third hand smoke) left on my clothes (or anywhere else) is harmless as long as people do not inhale the smoke themselves.

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For both smokers and non-smokers, there is a common belief that even if you can smell the smell of Cigarettes, it is not really harmful to your health as long as you do not inhale the actual smoke from a burning cigarette. This is unfortunately false . Third hand smoke is actually very harmful as well.

In fact, tobacco in tobacco can be built up over time on clothes, car seats and other materials. Every time you smoke, you make a layer of toxic chemicals on these items, and with more than 250 toxic toxins found in cigarette smoke, including lead, imagine how much is gathered in the elements around you? Although smoke and toxins are not visible and they cannot emit any smells over time, it does not mean that you do not inhale them in your body. It is even worse if there are small children around!

5. Smoking is good as long as I exercise and keep on a healthy diet

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News Flash! No exercise or fruit and vegetables can reduce the health risk caused by smoking cigarettes. Exercising and eating healthy can make you feel good about yourself, but it doesn't change the fact that your body – especially your lungs – is still filled with toxins from your cigarette. And while exercising helps you burn calories, it doesn't burn away chemicals and tobacco stuck in your lungs.

In fact, smoking can actually prevent you from performing your workouts evenly, especially since the carbon monoxide from smoking can limit the arteries and cause the blood to become thicker.

6. It is not such a less risky or harmful alternative, so it can also stick to cigarettes.

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Source: Digmo

This is yet another terrible misconception for many Malaysians believe. When you quit this habit, it would of course be the best option, if you find it too difficult to do, is actually less harmful alternatives to cigarettes. One of the main reasons why cigarettes are so bad is due to the fact that they emit smoke when they burn, which in turn releases tar and carbon monoxide into the lungs.

Today, however, we have many alternatives to cigarettes, many of which do not require burning tobacco. Some of these include e-cigarettes, vape, nicotine gum and so on. In fact, one of the most common non-smoking options Malaysians have recently used is known as the IQOS tobacco heating system. This device works with a uniquely processed tobacco rod that is heated just enough to release a tasty nicotine-containing tobacco vapor without burning it.

But of course, don't take our word for it! Do you or someone you know use e-cigarettes, or IQOS, as a smoking option? Please let us know what you think about it in the comment box! Also, if you know of other common smoke alarm misunderstandings, let us know!

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