4 possible long-term Bitcoin scenarios

Bitcoin has been working continuously for the last ten years, and there are no signs that it will stop anytime soon. But how will it perform in the long term, say ten or twenty years from now? Here are some opportunities for what the leading cryptocurrency might look like in the distant future.

Large or no volume

People have been wondering where Bitcoin will be in ten, twenty or even a hundred years since its inception. Their predictions vary as it became the next intergalactic unit of account, or it will crash to zero some day now.

Satoshi Nakamoto commented on where he saw Bitcoin going in the long run before disappearing, [19659005] In a few decades when the rewards become too small, the transaction fee will be the main compensation for nodes. I am sure that in 20 years there will be either a very large transaction volume or no volume.

We are now almost ten years into the big cryptocurrency experiment, nine years after satoshi wrote the quote. We must wait and see that Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market

1. Bitcoin becomes world reserve currency

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow and attract users, there will be a point where the authorities will begin to convert portions of wealth into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin transactions are not subject to state or state regulations, they merely follow the Bitcoin protocol.

Governments can start doing business with other nations in bitcoins. Nations subject to unfair sanctions may use cryptocurrencies to continue to exist.

Hyperinflation has adversely affected many countries throughout history. Even today, countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe have national currencies that have experienced over a thousand times inflation over the last decade. By using Bitcoin, they could link their economies to the global economy and secure their currencies against inflation.

2. Becoming a standard commodity, price stabilization

Bitcoin is seen as a commodity more and more these days as the economic side of cryptocurrencies becomes the industry's focus. As the cryptocurrency markets mature, more retail and institutional investors will be attracted to potential profits.

In this scenario, Bitcoin and other digital currencies become a standard part of the average financial portfolio. Many investors diversify into equities, mutual funds, real estate and other asset classes. Cryptocurrency could well be something that corresponds to precious metals, where Bitcoin Maxis would become goldbugs of digital currencies.

3. Replaced as the Largest Digital Asset

There are several other cryptocurrencies that challenge the leading cryptocurrency front, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Bitcoin needs to innovate in order to survive, and over the past year it has seen little technological advancement with adoption since it launched. Most of the key metrics that indicate the health of the network have been declining for almost half a year, with no real path to adoption

4. Bitcoin crashes to zero

Also possible scenario is Bitcoin crashes to zero. Most traditional analysts have argued that cryptocurrency will fail some day now and that the market is built entirely on speculation. In fact, Bitcoin has been "pronounced dead" 377 times.

However, the systems that make up the asset's infrastructure hold solid, and the network shows no signs of stopping at all. Miners will continue to mine, users will continue to send transactions. So Bitcoin crashing to zero seems to be the most unlikely of all these opportunities. Crypto-currencies have had a very eventful first decade, and it is safe to assume that the next ten years will be just as good.

Where do you see Bitcoin going in the long run? How can the current crypto landscape affect the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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