& # 39; Explosion & # 39; at the Phoenix Post Office involved acetone

UPDATE: & # 39; Explosion & # 39; at Phoenix Post Office Acetone Involved

Posted: 11:37 AM September 21, 2019

Updated: 2019-09-21 14: 44: 42-04

  Last days for post office in small NEO city

PHOENIX (AP) – Phoenix authorities say a reported chemical spill at a post office on Saturday turned out to involve a broken glass bottle of acetone, used in nail polish removers.

Personnel and hazardous substances and police had responded to a report of a package exploding and the fire department spokesman said three postal workers had "minor complaints" about their exposure. to the then unidentified chemical.

Fire Captain Danny Gile later stated that the chemical was acetone and that "no malicious intent was suspected" in connection with the package.

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