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350,000 customers without electricity Sunday after storms

DETROIT – Heavy downs, thunderstorms and gusts of over 70 km / h from Friday and Saturday evening storms that moved through southeast Michigan, left thousands of DTE customers without power.

DTE reported that nearly 600,000 customers were affected.

From Sunday afternoon, DTE reported that it was able to restore power to about 250,000 customers, leaving 350,000 customers still without power.

Nearly 500 workers from all over the country are brought in to help the crew recover the power.

Saturday night's storm knocked down 1

,900 power lines, making it the worst storm our region has experienced this year and one of the biggest wind turbines in March 2017, according to DTE.

The number of power outages has increased continuously since the storms started. From Sunday morning, 375,000 customers were without electricity. DTE reported 360,000 customers were out of power on Saturday night. On Friday night, 72,000 power outages were reported by DTE.

Statement from DTE on when to restore power

"In general, we expect to restore 150,000 customers today and another 150,000 tomorrow, which means that we will get 80% of our customers restored by the end of the day on Monday, we plan to have 90% of customers restored by the end of the day Tuesday and the rest restored by the end of the day Wednesday.

DTE currently has over 1,000 people in the field today, including about 115 from the state, who assist with restoration work. Assistance from several crews in neighboring countries has been delayed as they also experience weather events similar to what we have had here in Michigan over the past 48 hours. »

How to Stay Safe

Firefighters encourage people to stay safe. Crews will work around the clock to get the power to recover. Meanwhile, there are some things you can do to be safe and cool.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • If you have lost power and do not have air conditioning, look for coolers in your area.
  • Keep the blinds closed and look for shady areas where you can relax.
  • You can also monitor outbreaks in your area using DTE Disconnect app.

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