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3 Warren Buffett Shares To Buy In November – The Motley Fool

Do you think Warren Buffett might have shot up shares of some shares while the market fell in October? It is quite a good effort as he did. After all, we talk about the man who once gave investors to "be afraid when others are greedy and greedy when others are afraid."

While the investor's fear seems to settle down, there are still many great stocks to be found. Three Warren Buffett shares that look like good choices to buy in November are Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Mastercard (NYSE: MA) and Markel Markel ] (NYSE: MKL) .

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1. Apple

Do not think for a second that Warren Buffett worried about Apple's guidance that indicates that revenue growth will slow in the next quarter. The legendary investor stated in a CNBC interview in August that he still does not like guidance because he is "seen what causes many bad things."

Buffett is more focused on what really matters to Apple – the lasting power of its brand and its massive ecosystem for products and services. Investors who are not worth billions of dollars will be wise to focus on these things.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the company's latest earnings release that "we're entering the holiday season with our strongest range of products and services ever." Cook's optimism is without a doubt the goal. Despite Wall Street's foolishness over Apple's forecast for the quarter ending in December, the company is set to generate at least $ 90 billion in sales and probably more than $ 21 billion in profits.

In the long run, Apple should continue to deliver solid returns to investors. Regular upgrades for their iPhone, iPad, and Mac products will keep customers back for more. New innovations in wearables, appliances and enhanced reality and virtual reality should drive Apple's growth in the coming years.

Buffett made no stupid move in raising Apple to be Berkshire Hathaway s (NYSE: BRK-A) (NYSE: BRK-B) top team. This stock is still a smart purchase now.

2. Mastercard

Berkshire does not own as much Mastercard stock as it does Apple stock. But the gigantic payment processor looks like an attractive choice for Buffett to pick up more shares.

Mastercard benefits were clearly on display in the company's earnings in the third quarter. The company has had a strong revenue and earnings growth on an annual basis. Mastercard performed particularly well in international markets despite heads of currency fluctuations.

CEO Ajay Banga summarized the case for Mastercard by saying in Q3's earnings release: "Our business wins and new partnerships, enhanced by our differentiated services, help drive our global speed." Perhaps the most important part of Banga's statement is his emphasis on Mastercards "differentiated services".

Mastercard packages its core payment infrastructure with security features, data analysis, loyalty point processing and other products and services. This differentiation helps the company attract new customers and retain existing ones.

There is a payment processing revolution over and over again right now, with the world moving to cashless financial transactions. Mastercard is one of the top leaders in this revolution.

3. Markel

Now for a twist. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway does not own any shares of Markel. Nada. So why does Markel make this list of top Buffett shares to buy in November? It may be the poster child for exactly the type of shares that Buffett likes.

Markel is in many respects a mini-Berkshire. It is a holding company that primarily focuses on insurance and reinsurance, but also owns other businesses and shares of other companies. It sounds very like Berkshire.

Markel CEO Tom Gayner sounds like Warren Buffett. Gayner told The Motley Fools Matt Koppenheffer a few years ago that he enjoyed buying companies and shares of companies "still relevant and having good businesses and that their customer bases can expand over time and you can own them for a long time time."

Due to Markel's special insurance and reinsurance business, the company can recognize catastrophes such as hurricanes and typhoons. But even with a loss loss in the last quarter, which is the result of Hurricane Firenze and Typhoon Jebi, Markel still has a solid performance.

As Buffett, Markel holds positions in Apple and Mastercard. However, Markel's largest shareholding is not one of these shares. What is Markel's best stock? Berkshire Hathaway.

Remember Oracle's Sayings

It may be tempting to avoid buying stocks completely with the market disturbing gyzes. But remember what Omaha Oracle once said: "Opportunities come rarely. When it's raining with gold, you put out the bucket, not the wings." The October pullback has given investors a great opportunity to buy big shares like Apple, Mastercard and Markel.

Keith Speights owns shares of Apple. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Apple, Markel and Mastercard. Motley Fool has the following options: long January 2020 $ 150 call on Apple and short January 2020 $ 155 appeals to Apple. The Motley Fool recommends Berkshire Hathaway (B-shares). Motley Fool has an information rules.

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