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3 things I learned while ordering a Tesla – the Tesla Store was useful even for me!


Published on August 28, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

28. August 2019 by Zachary Shahan

As I recently shared, we just acquired a Tesla Model 3. Being one of the most obsessed Tesla reporters and editors in the world, I didn't expect the local Tesla store to get this done. However, I had one impetus to go in for help almost immediately, and then another. None of this will show up in my order – which I quickly placed online after the store visits and after finishing a few other things – but it was important to me as a consumer.

Morgan Harding (store manager) and Sean Ford at the Tesla Sarasota Store.

Firstly, I did not have anything expecting to buy a Model 3. This is something I have been thinking about for many years, long before me and Kyle were on the Model 3 Test Track for March 2, 2016. And I thought about it a little more seriously in recent months as my family and I were preparing to move back to Florida from Poland. But I didn't qualify for funding for some reason last year, so I almost didn't even shoot when we got back. But I did.

I quickly got preliminary approval from 5/3 Bank (100% renewable power bank CleanTechnica now uses), which suddenly meant that I really, really, could do this. The bank needed some information about the sale and the car's VIN (vehicle identification number), which I could not get until I bought of course. But I did not want to complete the purchase until I fully secured the loan. I went to the Tesla store for help.

In the shop, the helpful, friendly, but obviously not intrusive (sometimes the opposite of skilled) salesman confirmed what I was afraid of: I had to complete the purchase to get all that information. However, I also learned that I had some outdated information in my head.

In the "old days", the deposit you placed on your Tesla when you completed the order could not be refunded. If you changed your mind or couldn't secure the financing, you were out $ 2,500. That is no longer the case. If you order the car and then have to leave, you will receive $ 2,500 back. Cool! (Don't ask me how long it will take, but hopefully it's a quick and easy process for most people in that situation.)

I also learned that Tesla offered financing at a quick and easy step at the end of the ordering process . I guess I must have known this, but I forgot about it (it's not the kind of thing we cover daily here at CleanTechnica ). Again, "in the old days", Tesla had nothing to do with financing. For some reason, I remembered the information from the old days instead of this new model for the Model 3 era. As it turned out, and as the Tesla staff at the store told me, Tesla's funding is hard to beat. The quote I received from 5/3 Bank was slightly higher than the 4.25% interest rate Tesla notes on its website, but then I even ended up with 3.75%. I found out from a seller that Tesla is partnering with six banks on this.

The funding process was so quick and easy that I couldn't really believe it when the application (if you can call it that) was approved. Suddenly the order was completed and the loan was approved. I double-checked this maybe 5 times before it was fully recorded in my brain. For freakin & # 39; easy.

One thing to just be a little careful about is that there are different taxes and fees at the end of the process, so you should really consider how much money you have available for a down payment before completing your order. A guest article on CleanTechnica recently said the same thing, but I ignored it and stroked it a bit more than I felt comfortable stretching the payout. I must admit that I thought a little less carefully and moved faster than normal while completing the order. Either way, live and learn.

The third thing I learned from the Sarasota Tesla staff was that the 7-day return policy is now for all buyers, not just people who did not take a test drive. OK, again, maybe I heard this (or saw a tweet from Elon about it) and just forgot – I don't quite know. What I do know is that I didn't realize it when I asked questions and considered whether I should complete the order. The other thing I know is that it was really nice to talk to a few friendly sales people. It was nice to have them answer my pre-scheduled questions, get them to answer questions that popped up in my head while they were there, and have them calmly welcome me and implicitly encourage me to come on and bring along me a new Tesla Model 3.

However, that was not the end of their help. Of course, it was pretty easy for me to figure out which options I preferred, but I have a family and wanted to give them the chance to help choose some options. In particular, we had a long period of rumination about the seats – white or black. I had Elon's recommendations in my mind (he recommended the white seats publicly at least twice). I had my experience riding the Model 3s with both types of seats. I had my lucky, special experience touring at the Tesla seat factory in Fremont and interviewing the top engineers in that division of Tesla. And I had been thinking about it for months. All this prompted me to go with the white seats, but … I didn't think my wife would go after them.

The white seats are bright – really bright. None of us like flashy things, but I'm fine with it. The Clorox-bleached whiteness on the seats hit her, but she quickly got over it. More than anything else, she was concerned about getting dirty. I told her about the videos of people pouring wine on them, Elon's recommendations, etc. Of course, she has news of my seat to the factory. Though, one of the biggest selling points came from a Tesla personnel in the Sarasota store. She said she tries to wipe them regularly, but that she only comes to it once a week, and no one else bothers with it. Still, even with people – including children – climbing on and off them all day, they look clean! When they get dirty, two of the Tesla sellers told you to easily wipe them off with a baby wipe / wipe.

The last treat was from talking to a Model 3 owner. We both started charging on a ChargePoint drive, and we asked him a bit about them. He, like everyone else I've talked to who has them, strongly recommended getting the white ones, saying that he went back and forth on the decision as well and that we would not regret it. If we had not had that experience, the Tesla seller who contacted me about the order would have made such a chat possible, because a day or two later he sent me an email that we could talk to a new owner about seats. She had received her car a few weeks before and was happy to share it. There was no need for it, but it was probably one way the local Tesla staff were very helpful and may well have closed sales for another customer (at least on the white seats).


For now, it covers most of my Tesla store experience. A nice thing that the local seller did for me was to update me on the car's progress from factory to truck to delivery center. Some may do it for you even if you do not go to a store, but it is much different when there is someone you have met, talked to randomly and basically seen as a new friend. Also, it seems that this is not the process for everyone – so just hope you get a cool seller or ask someone to do this for you.

Would I have bought a Model 3 even if I didn't have a local store? Well, I'm obviously not a regular Tesla buyer, but anyway I can't actually say that I would have bought one. I guess I wanted it, but I went into the store so many times in advance and got so much help so easily that it's hard to say that the store and staff there had no impact on my decision and my wife's decision. Sometimes it's just the little bits of help, the human connection, and a little physical familiarity that gently but effectively lead you to the finish line.

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