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20 rules All flying must follow

A flight attendant's life can seem glamorous and exciting as you travel the world, visit exotic places and enjoy new experiences. However, there is a lot of hard work involved as well, and flight attendants often do not spend time exploring the destinations they fly to – other than sleeping by jet lag in a hotel room at the airport!

Despite all this, there is always a lot of competition for flight attendant settings, and many strict rules about who can apply. And even if you manage to get through the tough interview process, many airlines can set conditions for how their cabin crew should behave, both on and off the plane.

Check the list below to see the strict rules that flight attendants must follow if they want to keep their job.

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20 Must be unmarried

Via simpleflying.com

Most airlines have now deleted their archaic rule that female flight attendants must be unmarried, and married cabin crew are even allowed to wear wedding rings while working.

However, Gulf Air, based in the Middle East, still insists that their female cabin crew be unhappy when they start working, and that they must ask the company's permission before they get married!

19 They Cannot Be Too Short

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Many rules about who can and cannot work as flight attendant revolve around safety reasons. As part of their responsibilities, attendees must be able to perform certain tasks while on the job. For example, flight attendants may not be too short, as they may struggle to reach objects in the air boxes.

18 Or Too Tall

Via careers.govt.nz

Similarly, you cannot register to become a flight attendant if you are too tall – which is obvious when you think about the limited space, especially on some smaller planes.

Altitude rules may vary from airline to airline, but the upper limit is usually around 6 ft 1in, which immediately excludes many men who may want to become cabin crew.

17 Flight Crew Can't Be Overweight

Via travelandleisure.com

In addition to altitude restrictions, there are also weight restrictions for flight attendants – again for safety reasons, not fat shame.

If an existing member of cabin crew begins to put on weight, they will not be fired immediately, but may continue to work while trying to shed those extra pounds.

16 Makeup Is Male atory

Via townandcountrymag.com

Times have changed since flight attendants were seen as something more than glamorous trolley dolls, but female cabin crew members are nevertheless told that they must have makeup by employers their. Virgin Airlines recently became the first airline to drop the mandatory make-up rule for its female flight attendants.

15 But Cannot Be Too Bold

Via glamourmagazine.com

Other airlines may still consider makeup as an essential part of being an effective flight attendant, but they do not want cabin crew to use bold colors or styles, such as heavy eyeliner or lipstick colliding with the uniform.

Subtle and underestimated is the way to go, and flight attendants on long-haul flights must make sure they touch the makeup without any other passengers noticing.

14 Only allowed to wear one pair of earrings

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As with tattoos, airlines have strict requirements regarding piercings their employees are allowed to wear. While working, flight attendants are only allowed to use one discreet pair of spikes in their ears. This is partly about ensuring that they appear professional, but large earrings can also be a safety hazard in the event of an emergency.

13 Must Be At Least 18-Years-Old

Via firstquarterfinance.com [19659009] Becoming a flight attendant is a dream job for many young people who want the opportunity to travel around the world while being paid for the privilege . However, airlines will only recruit flight attendants who are at least 18 years old, and some airlines even prefer to wait until you have had your birthday on 21 .

12 No Expressive Facial Hair [19659036] Via pinterest.com

Men increasingly sign up to become flight attendants with their female counterparts, and they must also follow the rules of their appearance. Although facial hair is allowed, it must not be too long and must be nicely trimmed – and not even think about giving you a stylish hipster joke!

11 Must be able to swim

Via cleartrip.com

Cabin crew must also be able to swim, and this will be tested in the practical phase of their training when preparing for what can happen if their aircraft lands on water.

This is not just for their own safety, but also so that they can swim to rescue passengers who might not have reached the raft on their own.

10 No Visible Tattoos

Via cheatsheet.com

Tattoos have become much more socially acceptable in recent years, and many young people have chosen to be inked in highly visible areas.

Airlines have not kept up with the times, however, and still insist that their cabin crew have no visible tattoos, such as on the face, neck or forearms and legs. [19659011] 9 Not allowed to accept tips

Via matadornetwork.com

It is not a difficult and quick rule that flight attendants are not allowed to accept tips – some airlines allow, but most wrinkles on the staff accepts gratuities.

If you want to show your appreciation to the cabin crew on the flight, the best thing you can do is treat them with respect and make sure you always say thank you.

8 Hairstyles must be neat and tidy

Via careers.thomascook.com

Female flight attendants must also follow the airline's rules regarding hairstyles, and most do not let cabin crew with long hair wear it. Tidy and tidy is the order of the day, with bowls and ponytail being a common sight when flight attendants go up and down the aisle of the aircraft.

7 They may not use all the first aid kit

Via viewfromthewing.com

It may be reassuring for passengers to know that their aircraft has a well-stocked first aid kit, but they may not feel as comfortable if they knew that flight attendants are actually not allowed to use all the equipment. In fact, they must wait for a doctor or trained medical professional before any of the items in the first aid kit can be used.

6 Must Be Non-Smokers

Via paddleyourownkanoo.com

Smoking has been prohibited by air for years, but some airlines even prohibit their flight attendants from smoking when they take off. Some airlines only prevent employees from smoking in uniform, while Qatar Airlines prohibits cabin crew from smoking at all or even having cigarettes in the house.

5 Must be able to stay on his feet for a long time

Via millionmilesecret.com

One of the reasons airlines have weight restrictions for cabin crew is that flight attendants must also be physically fit to do the job. Aside from the fact that they can be on their feet for hours on a long-haul flight, they must also be fit enough to handle any emergencies.

4 Must be able to lift heavy luggage [19659063] Via usatoday.com

Some passengers think the flight attendants are there to help them lift their luggage in the box when the truth is that it is not is some commitment for them to help a patient person with their bags. However, cabin crew must be able to lift heavy weights, but as part of their safety responsibilities on board.

3 No Acne Or Other Blemishes

Via cheatsheet.com

Makeup is not the only airline trying to control when it comes to their cabin crew. They also insist that they take good care of their skin, even going as far as recommending specific products. Anyone with acne or skin damage will hardly get their dream job as a flight attendant, even if they can over the marks with makeup.

2 Forbidden from Dyeing Your Hair "Unnatural" Colors

Via allure. com

Flywheels get to color their hair as long as they stick to natural colors and make sure their roots never start to appear. Coloring your hair "unnatural" colors, such as pink, purple or green, is a definite no-no if you want to get a job in a cabin crew.

1 Not allowed to drink while in uniform

Via qz.com

Airlines have strict rules on alcohol consumption for both cabin crew and passengers. Travelers who have had too much to drink can be stopped from boarding the aircraft, and flight attendants are obviously prohibited from drinking before the shift and from going to an airport bar while still wearing the uniform.

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