When you book a vacation, preparing for a hurricane is not exactly right. If you get stuck in your hotel, here are some things to keep in mind.

Airline cancellations will be at the top 1200 for the second consecutive day Tuesday while Hurricane Dorian sets course for the East Coast, stranding travelers trying to get home from work day trips or embark on business trips to begin the work week .

Airlines have already canceled 1,203 Tuesday flights to, within and from the United States from 1 p.m. 8pm Eastern, according to flight tracking service FlightAware. It is at the peak of nearly 1400 on Labor Day.

Florida airports are still the hardest hit. More than half of the canceled flights on Tuesday – 637 – were on their way to or from Orlando International Airport. The Florida Central Airport, a magnet for vacationers, said Monday afternoon that it plans to stop operating at 2pm on Tuesday. The airport had previously canceled plans to close on Labor Day, although the flight cancellations were still heavy.

Labor Day Flight Cancellations: 1400 and counted as Hurricane Dorian approaches the east coast

Other Florida airports with heavy cancellations and inbound flight cancellations Tuesday, according to FlightAware:

Fort Lauderdale International: 267. The airport closed Monday at noon and said it plans to reopen at noon on Tuesday. will reopen "when it's safe to do so." & # 39;

Miami International: 121. South Florida Airport said it is no longer in the cone of concern for the hurricane, but warned passengers about the remaining flight cancellation.

Palm Beach International: 79 West Palm Beach airport ceased flights on Monday.

Travelers do not have to stay on their way to or from Florida to be influenced by the travel fairs. Cancellations are starting to grow, though still relatively insignificant, in two major airlines connecting hubs in the region, Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. Atlanta is a hub for Delta Air Lines, and Charlotte for American Airlines.

Passengers are advised to check with their airlines for flight status and possible re-booking assistance, although some airlines warn their telephone lines and other support channels are overwhelmed.

United on Monday urged passengers not to go to the airport to book, but to use the airline's website or customer service center.

Those with upcoming travel plans in the region are eligible to change their flights without the usual penalties for airline flights in place since last week. Airlines have added new cities to the exemptions as Dorian's road has changed.

For the latest airline exemptions for Hurricane Dorian

American Airlines

United Airlines

Delta Air Lines

Southwest Airlines

JetBlue Airways

Spirit Airlines

Allegiant Air

Frontier Airlines


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