10 deals you didn't know you needed

10 Amazon Prime Day deals you didn't know you (Photo: Jorbest & Wet Brush)

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Prime Day, the two day parade of deals thrown by Amazon every July, is still going strong. With only a few hours left of the big sale, you're probably wondering, "I need anything on Amazon right now, and if I do … could it … ON SALE?"

The answer to your question depends on the product (s) you are looking for, but chances are, there is no sale right now that you don't even realize you need. That's where I come in. Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Sam. And when most of our editors have been hard at work updating our massive list of the best Prime Day deals the past couple of days, I've been browsing around for what you didn't know, and what I found ? A bunch of things I personally didn't know I needed. My bank account has been sending smoke signals for help literally every day. She is not pleased. But, you know what, I was going to buy these things anyway. Better to get the deal now than pay full price later, right?

First things first — you do need to be a member to claim these deals, but if you aren't part of this club yet, fret note. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial. Now, onto the deals

1. A pack of 3 hair brushes that moonlight as detanglers

Wet Brush (Photo: Wet Brush)

A few years ago, I subscribed to the POPSUGAR Must Have Box and got a bunch of trendy swag delivered to my apartment every month. One month, I received the gift of the Wet Brush Detangler Hair Brush and I have not used another hair brush since. This travel pack of three is on sale today, and if you have hair, I personally recommend it.

Get the Wet Brush Multi-Pack Travel Detangler, Pack of 3 (Pink, Purple, Blue) for $ 8.82 (Save $ 3.78)

2. Skinnypop in bulk


I am addicted to Skinnypop. That's why I need to have multiple 100-calorie bags at home. This way, I can indulge in my favorite snack without worrying about opening up a gigantic bag of it and eating the whole thing in one sitting because I would. Right now, 100-calorie Skinnypop bags are on sale for Prime Day and I am living.

Get the Skinnypop popcorn (pack of 12) for $ 9.74 (Save $ 5.75)

3. Crest Whitestrips

Crest Whitestrips (Photo: Crest)

Last year I asked my dentist if I could get my teeth professionally whitened. He looked at my little yellow-stained teeth (I like coffee) and laughed. "Buy crest whitestrips," he said, together with my gift bag or travel-sized toothpaste (even though they said I should use an electric toothbrush — why do you do this, dentists?). I was hesitant to purchase the Whitestrips because they're pricey for something you don't want to work. But today they are on sale — and we can get them for cheap. Praise be

Get the Crest 3D White Whitestrips Whitening Strips Kit for $ 27.98 (Save $ 40.02)

4.The egg cooker with a cult following

(Photo: Dash)

This thing has just about a perfect rating from over 11,500 reviewers. And after testing it last year, we can confirm that it is just as good as the people say. It can make eggs of all kinds — hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, omelette. Whatever you like, the Dash has got you. We recommend buying this even when it's not on sale, so now that it's at its lowest price again, is it your time to join the Dash cult? I say yes!

Get the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker for $ 14.99 (Save $ 3.80)

5. The tortilla blanket you saw all over the Internet

Burrito Blanket (Photo: Jorbest)

IT'S THE BLANK THAT SWEPT THE INTERNET. The blanket that made you laugh. The blanket that you made you cry. It's the burrito blanket. And it's on sale for Prime Day, meaning you can now become the human burrito you've always wanted to become a BUDGET. Please excuse me while I buy this and become a literal human burrito every night on my couch, bye.

Get the Giant Human Burritos Wrap Blanket for $ 13.68 (Save $ 9.12)

6. Socks

Saucony Socks (Photo: Saucony)

Socks, hair elastics, Tupperware … WHERE DO THESE THINGS GO? DO ANYONE KNOW? If you do, please let me know because I'm clueless. Every two months, I always find myself sock-less, and I feel like most people are in the same boat. So why not beat the system and get yourself some socks while they're on sale? That's what I'm doing. And I'll try not to lose them this time. Just kidding, Get the Saucony Women's 8-Pair Performance No-Show Sport Socks for $ 9.99 (Save $ 5)

7. Reusable containers for all your meal prepping needs

Meal Prep Bento Boxes (Photo: Ez Prepa)

Every Sunday, I try to meal prep. If I don''t, I get around like a chicken whose head was just cut off for 5 days straight eating snacks as well as snacks. Meal prepping does not help me eat healthy. It also helps me stay sane. Plastic food storage containers are essential for meal prepping, but for some reason they always go missing. That's why the best-selling Bento boxes would be a Sunday savior on sale

Get the Ez Prepa [25 Pack] Meal Prep Containers with Lids for $ 20.39 (Save $ 4.60 )

8. The card game "What do you think?"

What do you think (Photo: WHAT DO YOU MEME?)

In my free time, I moonlight as a meme creator. Is that a joke? No. I really do. If you wanted to dabble in my hobby, this game is for you. It allows everyone to become a creator and believe when I say MAKING MEMES IS A BLAST. Perfect for parties and get-togethers, this game is basically like Cards Against Humanity, but with memes. It could be a fun gift for you, or for a friend. Get it while it's on sale. Your friends will thank you later.

Get the What Do You Meme? Party Game for $ 20.98 (Save $ 9.01)

9. Float for two

Intex Pool Float (Photo: Intex)

Everyone loves a good pool float. In fact, some people love pool floats a bit too much. Two years ago, I spent a ridiculous amount of money on six themed pool floats that took up every inch of the pool at the rental house where I was staying. Was it worth it? Slightly. Would I do it again? Not sure. I mean, pool floats are essential if you have access to a pool, but the crazy, ridiculous themed ones? Not so much. This classic water lounge float for two though? It is the most essential. 2019 is the summer we start to move back to the classics (in fashion AND in the pool). Get your Intex River Run Inflatable Water Float for $ 21.99 (Save $ 13.30)

10. The famous Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty (Photo: Squatty Potty)

I was first introduced to this product while watching Shark Tank. While at first I only focused on how the name was, I later realized this thing could actually be useful. Then, we tested it at Reviewed, and sure enough — we liked it! We really liked it! Yes, that's right. The poop product with a cult-following actually works. And now that it's on sale, you can change the way you poop too!

Get The Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool for 17.49 (Save $ 7.50)

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