10 British foods you miss after moving to the US

Crumpets are a typical British food.

Transparent and orange package of Hovis crumpets on shelf

Crumpets are round, tasty fried cookies.

Deborah Ackerley

Crumpets are a classic British food usually enjoyed toasted for breakfast or afternoon tea.

These round, tasty biscuits are made with a mixture of water, milk, flour and yeast. They are airy on the inside and contain many small holes.

You can make them yourself, but I love store bought crumpets too. You put them in the toaster and they are ready in an instant.

They are usually served warm with butter and strawberry preserves, or with other toppings such as jam, cream cheese or Marmite (a yeasty, savory British spread).

I have found them in American supermarkets, but I find them heavy tasting and not nearly as good.

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